Celebrities on Keto

There are many success stories about the Ketogenic diet floating around the internet, including some celebrities. Some celebrities go on the keto diet for health reasons while others go on for their physic. Regardless of your motivation, here are a few stories about some of Hollywood’s A-Listers’ journey through the keto diet.


Halle Berry

Catwoman’s not so well kept secret.

At 51 years young, Halle Berry continues to radiate inside and out. As one of Hollywood’s mom well-known actresses, Halle is always in great shape. Her skin glows, and her body remains sculpted like a goddess.

But what many people don’t know about Halle, is that she has Type 2 Diabetes. As a result, she turned to the ketogenic diet. Not only did it help her manage her blood sugar levels, but it also helped her maintain her figure after having children. She also credits the keto diet for her youthful glow and graceful aging. Anti-aging and fat burning? Sign me up!


Lebron James

Basketball Legend, Keto fanatic

LeBron James famously had no sugar, dairy or carbs for 67 days. Instead of having processed foods, he prominently meat, fish, veggies, and fruit. His decision to go on a Keto like diet allowed him to cut fat from his body, which a much leaner physique.

Traditionally athletes are accustomed to high carb, low-fat diets, but recently many have started opting for a low carb, high-fat diet. Obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman believes that ketogenic diets can enhance stamina, boost performance and even aid post-workout recovery. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about working towards a better version of yourself.


Kim Kardashian

Post Baby Bod? Where?

One kid after another, Kim always surprises us with an incredible body transformation. Kim credits her weight loss to her low carb diet high-fat diet. After she ditched the carbs, she dropped an impressive 60lbs. Kim isn’t the only Kardashian that accredits her figure to a low carb diet, her sister Kourtney is also a firm believer. 2 for 2? Coincidence? Probably not.

Although celebrities have endorsed the benefits of the ketogenic diet, one does not need to be rich and famous to achieve similar results. All one needs is dedication and willpower. What it only takes is one A-Ha moment to turn your life around. You owe it to yourself to feel like a star!

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